Basement Renovation Services

Upgrade Your Basement in Calgary

Do you need a little extra space or a lot? Different circumstances require different approaches. Our custom basement renovation and development services are designed to give you the flexibility to piece together the perfect finished extension of living space.

Basement Living Rooms

Time to send the kids downstairs to play their video games? With a basement living room, you’ll only see them when it’s feeding time! Add extra living space to spread out!

Basement Bedrooms

A growing family or extended family can require more bedrooms than you anticipated. Add an extra bedroom (or two) and make solid use of your basement space.

Basement Bathrooms

A lot of people ask if we are able to add bathrooms to basement renovation projects. The answer is yes we can! Find out more about adding an additional bathroom to your home!

Basement Kitchens

Perfect for extended families or adult children still living at home, a basement kitchen can decongest the main kitchen and provide independence to whomever is using it.

Basement Offices

With more people working from home, a basement office is a great use of your lower level empty space. Plan ahead and add all of the utility of a cubical without the gossip and stress!

Basement Home Theatres

Build the perfect home theatre in your basement with the help of Towns Construction. We know what it takes to create great spaces to enjoy movies with great sound and visuals.

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Towns Construction Basement Developments & Renovations in Calgary

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